Will Detmer Shelter 1B

From: $40.00

Will Detmer Shelter 1B

Shelter is available in 6 hour blocks:

9am-3pm and 3pm-9pm

To rent multiple blocks in the same transaction, increase the “Duration” to the desired number of blocks.

(ex.: a duration of 1 will give you a 6 hour rental, and a duration of 2 will give you a 12 hour rental)

Click a date to see availability for the chosen duration, and then select the desired start time.


This shelter seats 80 under roof and is equipped with 3 grills, multiple outlets, 8 picnic tables, near playground, and basketball court.
This Shelter is divided into Shelter #1A and Shelter #1B. It can be rented as 1/2 Group Shelter or both halves can be rented.
To rent the entire shelter, you must select the same time slots for each half separately. After adding each half to your cart, be sure to check that you have selected the same date and time for each.