Disc Golf League – Singles Division


League play (10 weeks): Monday, July 13 – Sunday, September 20

Playoffs: Saturday, September 27

Singles format:

  • League play is on a Monday – Sunday basis. Scores will be submitted once per week.
  • Scores must be submitted before Midnight on Sunday of each week. (Example: Scores for the week of July 13 – 19 must be submitted before Midnight on July 19.)
  • 1 penalty stroke must be added for each out of bounds throw.
  • If a score isn’t submitted, advanced par +1 will be allocated for each hole that week.
  • Each player’s highest score will be dropped at the end of league play.
  • The lowest 9-week average score is the league winner.
  • League ranking will be updated and sent via email on a weekly basis.
  • League rankings will determine seeding for season playoffs.

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