Guidelines and Scheduling Programs

Scheduling a Program

Programs are offered anytime during school hours, or after-school, evenings, and weekends, depending on naturalist availability and other constraints. Programs will last 45 minutes to 1 hour. Preschool programs are 30 minutes. Suggested grade levels are shown in the program descriptions, but most programs can be adapted to other grade levels. Programs can also be modified to reinforce your lesson plans. Each program format is different to accommodate grade level, group size, the program site, and your teaching goals. To encourage interaction, group size for most inside programs is limited to two classes. We are glad to repeat the program for additional classes. Single classes are preferable. Please schedule your program at least two weeks in advance. Program fees are $15 per session. Preschool programs are $10. Field trip fees are $30 for a half day or $50 for a full day. Field trips to our parks include free use of a picinic shelter for lunch. Let us know at the time of your registration if you would like us to reserve one for you. When calling or emailing, be prepared to give preferred date and time, alternate dates and times, number of students, grade level, email address and telephone number. Payment can be made by check the day of the program or we can invoice your school or school corporation.

Guidelines for Programs

Please prepare your students by telling them they will be involved in a structured learning situation requiring focused attention and ready response to instructions. We want them to have fun, but not disrupt the participation of others. Students often equate outdoor time with recess, so please make expectations clear prior to the program. Teachers and adult/parent chaperones are expected to actively participate in the program. Field trips may require additional chaperones or parents to help supervise students. If outdoor experiences are included in the program, students need to wear suitable shoes and clothing for the conditions. Expect to get dirty and do not wear new or “good” clothes. Jackets may be needed on cool days. If severe weather arises, we may need to cancel a program. We will work with you to find another date. If you need to cancel or reschedule a program due to a change in your plans, please let us know as soon as possible. In addition to classroom programs, we can also plan field trips to nearby state parks and forests. We will present an itinerary of enjoyable and educational outdoor activities tailored to your grade level and teaching goals. We will provide any needed equipment. You just need to arrange transportation and get the permission slips. Note that Indiana State Parks now require admission fees of $2 per person.